September 19, 2019

Thai Cabbage Salad

Thai Cabbage Salad 1a

This colorful Thai cabbage salad is a winner in my book. It’s perfect for make-ahead meals¬† as it gets even more flavorful by the day.

I will make a batch at the beginning of the week and have it as a side dish every day until it’s gone. I never tire of it. In fact I’ve made it twice in the last two weeks.

I usually make it with purple cabbage as I love the rainbow look of the salad (see above), but I’ve made it with regular cabbage too (see below). You can see I sometimes ribbon the carrots with a vegetable peeler, just for fun.¬†

You set the heat level by adjusting the amount of Thai chili peppers and red pepper flakes, to fit your taste. The salad has great texture. The fresh veggies and the almond slices give the salad a scrumptious crunch. You’ll also love the bursts of citrus sweetness from the orange slices.




Thai Cabbage Salad

8 cups purple cabbage, shredded (about 1 small head)

2 cups carrots, cut to matchsticks

2 1/2 cups bell pepper, cut into short strips (about 2 medium peppers)

2 spring onions, sliced crosswise

2-3 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs (Thai basil or cilantro)

2/3 cup rice wine vinegar

1/3 cup sesame oil

2 tablespoon chili garlic sauce

2 tablespoons honey

Thai hot chili peppers, finely chopped, to taste

Red pepper flakes, to taste

1 (15 oz) can mandarin oranges, drained

1/4 cup sliced almonds


Prep all vegetables (cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and spring onion). Place in a large bowl with the chopped herbs. In small bowl, mix rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and garlic sauce. If you like heat, add your preferred amount of Thai green chilies, and red pepper flakes. I like lot of hotness, so I do at least 1 tablespoon each. Whisk until well mixed. Pour over cabbage and stir to coat. Fold in mandarin oranges. Refrigerate to marinate until you’re ready to dig in. Top with sliced almonds just before serving.