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StateFairRecipes.com celebrates home baking, home cooking and the tradition of competing at the fair.

At the helm are members of the Blue Ribbon Group. We coordinate recipe competitions nationally at top fairs throughout the country and wear many, many hats. As in, a lot. Really.

Most often you can find us at the keyboard or on the phone, as well as behind the camera, in the kitchen… or if we are lucky, drooling over the best baked goods at the fairs.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cyndi, Crystal, Nedra, Alicia and Joyce

p.s. Like much in life, StateFairRecipes.com is a work in progress.

Cyndi of State Fair RecipesCyndi is the main coordinator, photographer, writer, and overall organizer for the Blue Ribbon Blog here at state fair recipes dot com. An orchestrator of sorts. She is also a cheerleader for anyone who has ever aspired to win a blue ribbon.

Crystal  of State Fair RecipesCrystal is a passionate home baker, grocery buyer and meal maker. She is a blue ribbon mom and is also Cyndi’s niece. They are having a grand old time working together on the Blue Ribbon Blog. It’s a creative outlet for both of them.

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