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Raspberry Berets recipe 1a

Ohio State Fair Raspberry Berets

These colorful and creative cookies are like mini fruit pies. They are crowd-pleasing and easy to make! You start with a delicious cookie shell made with butter, granulated and powdered sugars, baking soda, salt, and flour. Fresh out of the oven (while still in the tins) you re-press the cups (to be deep enough to hold the fillings) and let them cool.  Beth Krauss won at the 2015…

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Monster Cookies

From a Minnesota State Fair Supreme Baker
Monster Cookies

We caught up with blue ribbon baker Karen Cope this week at the Minnesota State Fair and she brought samples of her favorite recipe of late: Monster Cookies! We took a taste and can definitely attest to their deliciousness. I grew…

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Strawberries & Cream Cookies 1

Delta Fair Winning Cookie
Strawberries & Cream Cookies

Use instant oatmeal and a cream cheese filling for a jazzed up oatmeal cookie. For this winning recipe, start with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking soda and strawberries and cream instant oatmeal. (We’ve used Quaker and Great Value brands with…

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Coconut Cupcake Bread Pudding recipe

Blue Ribbon Group Recipe
Coconut Cupcake Bread Pudding

If you are nutty for coconut like I am, I have a dessert you’re going to ADORE! Coconut Cupcake Bread Pudding! I made it with leftover homemade cupcakes, but you could use store-bought ones, a compatible flavor cupcake like lemon, vanilla, or chocolate. Even…

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Black Bottom Cupcakes recipe 6a

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Any time I come across a recipe for something I grew up baking with my mom, I’m filled with warm fuzzies and a big craving to make whatever it may be, from no-bake cookies to “strike-it-rich” cakes. So imagine my…

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Triple Chocolate Cappuccino Cups recipe 2a

York Interstate Fair
Triple Chocolate Cappuccino Cups

You have been asking for more things chocolate. We’re on it! Check out these Triple Chocolate Cappuccino Cups. They are simple, delicious, and with their miniature size, not that indulgent. That is, if I stop at one, which I admit can be…

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Blue Ribbon Lemon Meringue Pie

Minnesota State Fair
Blue Ribbon Lemon Meringue Pie

Quite a while back we tested some recipes in the vintage cookbook: “Great State Fair Recipes…A Collection of Minnesota State Fair Sweepstakes-Winning Recipes from 1906 to 1975.” This booklet I inherited from my predecessor and is one of dozens I’ve collected over…

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Chicken Satay sauce 8a

Peanut Dipping Sauce

This Peanut Dipping Sauce goes perfect with my Chicken Satay. It has coconut milk, peanut butter, honey, soy sauce, red curry paste, chili oil, and dried chili flakes.If you have leftovers or simply love the flavor and want to use it…

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Chicken Satay recipe 11a

A Winner Any Night of the Week
Chicken Satay

I can say without a doubt, this Chicken Satay recipe makes the best satay I have ever tasted. I make it almost every week and have started making quadruple batches of the marinade to keep on hand. This has been going…

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Mounds of Joy Cake recipe 9a

Michigan State Fair-1999
Mounds of Joy Cake

The Mounds candy bar merges with the Almond Joy in this “Mounds of Joy Cake.” It’s inspired by a 1999 1st Place Michigan State Fair winning recipe. Eugenia Adams of Taylor, Michigan made a vanilla version of it and won a Championship…

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Lemon Chiffon Cake w Raspberries recipe 4a

New York State Fair Winner-1999
Lemon Raspberry Chiffon Cake

I’m back on a nostalgia kick: here’s another recipe from 1999. Lemon Raspberry Chiffon Cake. This one originates at the New York State Fair, a first place winner from Luana Impellizzeri of Jamesville, New York.The cake is easier than it…

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